HCAC Hub City of
Asian Culture

Hub City of Asian Culture Project

Hub City of Asian Culture Project, administered by the national government of Korea, is the single largest cultural project in the history of the nation. The Project aims to forge cultural ties and establish a forum of exchange with the various countries of Asia, and enhance the overall quality of life of the Asian community by transforming Gwangju, one of the six largest cities in Korea , into a culture city of novel concepts.

The Project aspires to see the creation of a forum where all Asians can share and exchange the precious cultural assets of the continent. The Asia Culture Center, an integral part of the Project to be completed by 2015, is expected to serve as a stage upon which creative energies of Asians in the sphere of arts and culture can lead to a source of new creativity and mutual inspiration. Through such exchanges, we hope to preserve the traditional cultures of Asia and, at the same time, play an important role in the creation, distribution, and commercialization of a wide variety of cultures.